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Paperwork is now DIGITAL! Please complete the support paperwork under the PAPERWORK tab, when requesting help. Without completion of paperwork, requests will not be able to be considered. Fill out the form for EACH child who needs support.

For questions, e-mail:

2/5/23 - Due to the maximum number of applications reached, support for Easter 2024 is now closed.

The Brittany McCann Project, Inc. began in the early 2000's, and was officially incorporated and became a 501(c)(3) in 2014. 

Brittany McCann is a young woman who has worked to inspire others through her faith and life. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy as an infant, Brittany has caregivers who help her perform everyday actions, including supporting the Project.

Brittany's heart is to share God's love through helping children and their families during tough times in their lives. Brittany has endured multiple years of medical treatments, surgeries, and complications related to her condition, and on more than one occasion, nearly died. Because of this, Brittany also has a heart for providing love toward children facing medical issues. 

For many years now, Brittany has provided Back to School backpacks and supplies, Christmas gifts, Easter baskets, and other supports to families far and wide, hoping to bring some happiness to their lives, through God's love.

The mission of the Project is simple: At some point in your life, take the blessing provided by the Brittany McCann Project, Inc. and pay it forward to someone else. If that means you volunteer your time, talents, prayers, or finances to help someone else in some way - that's paying it forward. Bless as you are blessed.

Brittany and her work have been featured on WDBJ 7, and 'Paula White Today.' 

See FACEBOOK & the BLOG for the latest!

The Brittany McCann Project does not have the ability to help with rent,

car payments,

or electric bills.

For emergency assistance resources, see our

resources page.

Donations: P.O. Box 544 Christiansburg, VA 24073
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