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Brittany McCann is a true community hero with an amazing story. She was born with spastic, quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, a debilitating handicap that limits her mobility and speech. Despite her disability, Brittany has made it her mission to help those in need, especially children. The Brittany McCann Project, Inc. was conceived by Brittany over seven years ago while participating in the Dare to Dream program sponsored by Paula White Ministries in Tampa, Florida. Brittany appeared on the "Paula White Today" show in February 2006, where she was able to share her testimony of faith globally and dedicate her calling to children in need. Since then she has coordinated many outreach events benefitting hundreds of children and families all over the country. She continues to fight her disability every day to help whoever she can - simply to bring them happiness and joy.


The Brittany McCann Project, Inc. officially incorporated in 2014, and is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity. All donations to the Brittany McCann Project, Inc. are tax deductible. The organization continues to help children and families while waiting to receive tax-exempt status. Currently, the Project is funded solely through private donors. Feel free to contribute today to help the Project continue its mission.

Donations are accepted via postal mail:
The Brittany McCann Project, Inc.
P.O. Box 544
Christiansburg, VA 24068

ssion: The Brittany McCann Project, Inc. seeks to show God's love through helping children and families meet needs they are unable to meet - asking only that when able - they pay it forward through a financial contribution, or simply volunteering time or talent - bless as you are blessed.

Without the kindness of private donations, the Project would not be possible. Since its inception, hundreds, if not thousands have been blessed. The Project's motive is simple - to be the "hands and feet of Jesus," as Brittany says, and make a difference. The Mission is also simple - bless as you are blessed. When you can, help others. Be a hand up. Be a light. Offer a kind word, a meal, a listening ear. Everything makes a difference.

Do good on purpose.

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